A spoof: 10 Reasons Why Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier


Read this article. I beg to differ.
Now if you were to refer to mini games like Candy Crush, Farmville, Flappy bird, Angry bird and the entire flock, I would agree that these games provide the recreation value needed to de-stress after a work day.

Yet still, have you ever raged when you ran out of lives in Candy Crush or when people just wouldn't give you the ticket pass to advance to the next level? Or when no matter how you tried, you couldn't get past Level 247?

Most video games are complex works of art, involving a group of creative individuals with many facets of story lines. Not many adults (I'm referring to 80s children here) have the dexterity to navigate the WSAD and mouse combinations. Some even say it is more complicated than piloting an aircraft.

Here's the points from the spoofed article.

1. More connected to inner child.
Really? And what did you do as a kid? Play ball outdoors or mash buttons while glued to a TV set?

2. Easy escape from stress of life
Running away from reality? After the GAME OVER screen, the problems are still there and may have escalated.

3. Exposed to greater creativity & imagination
The only one being creative here are the creators of the game. You are just consuming. Do not be deluded.

4. Bond with other people
Sure. LOL, GTFO, WTF......
Such meaningful conversations we have over team speak

5. Balanced life perspective
If your sole purpose in the day is to get off work so you can play games, you lead a sad, pathetic life.

6. Better hand eye coordination

7. Include spouse/friend in game
Not everyone likes games and even if they do, sharing game scores with them are just soooo much fun

8. Something to look fwd to
See 5

9. Turn exercise into a game
To quote the page, "try Fruit Ninja without breaking a sweat."
I can just see your fingers sweating there

10. Turn boring situations into fun ones
Look around you. Waiting rooms, dinner tables, everywhere. Everyone has their heads down, eyes glued to smart phone, thumbs flicking away.

What have we reduced ourselves to?

Put the device down.


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