smelly feet

my sister when she was small used to have smelly feet. i remember we were cooped up in a non air conditioned car and we had to smell her feet the entire journey. that was torture. you want to interrograte a spy, why use violence or phone books or brain washing? just put him in a box with my sis' feet inside and i swear he wil reveal everything.

now, i train karate and in karate we train bare footed. my feet are cooped up in shoes for more than 10 hours a day and then its off to class. lately my shoe double as chew toy for my dogs and i dont really have the time to clean em before putting them on. so combine dog saliva, 10 hours of sweat fermenting in those canvas soles. when i take them off, dang, my feet smells. one of my karate partner had the unfortunate privilege to take a whiff while training cos we were doing high turning kicks. i think his eyes watered.

now i wash my feet everytime before class starts unless i wan to KO my partner before the fight starts! ha!

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Sakai Amran said...

hahahahaha i think that was me huh???? wait you smell my feet u will surely purge hahahaha

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