my life back

Dear friend,

I am very lucky to have a friend like you who would spend midnight composing letter to cheer me up. I am very lucky to have a friend I can rely on whenever i'm down which is most of the time lately. I am very lucky to have you as motivator, who's always positive, who's always full of energy and sunshine. I am not the senpai in this friendship, you taught me more than i can ever teach you.

I promise i will heed your advise, I promise i will not take what people say about me to heart, i will remember the mangoes.

Thank you SATan, from the bottom of my heart.



Anonymous said...

Dear Lex,
You are welcome. It is important to remember that because i am the Devil, i am always thriving on misery, in doing so i feed on positivism and dish it back out when i'm too full of it.

Having said that, you deserve, like ever other human being on earth to be happy. Even if it means, selling a little bit of your soul.

In the event you want to sell all of yours to me, you know where to look.


Sakai Amran said...

Hei, what about me ?? Im the SAKAI here lah

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