On being an asshole

I'm talking about myself.
Going thru this phase in life where I think I know everything and I'm just being mean to people.
I am aware of this and just getting so cynical about life.

Probably has something to do with the association I currently belong in. Too many bad vibes...
People need to know that our strings are intertwined. The vibrations resonate down the line.

Being mean to one person and the chain gets passed along unless somebody breaks it.
Sure it's easy to say, 'don't let him get to you'. Easier said than done when the person doing it shapes your values.

Hating my life right now.

Ending this post on a positive note :

Traits of successful people (hint: I don't wanna be successful, I just wanna be happy)
They don’t assume they already know everything.
go above and beyond the call of duty

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