Bike tricking

I've only seen tricks done with BMX, ever a road bike
This is awesome
Monday, December 30, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun
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LED nunchucks

So I got myself some LED nunchucks and did the following on xmas day

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun

Don't you just love animals

I witnessed for the first time yesterday the intelligence of dogs. I've always thought cats were more intelligent than dogs, seeing that cats are more street-wise. Dogs basically run at you tails wagging no matter if you just pet it or kicked it.

So anyways, I was @ M's house and was donning my fullface helmet. Past experience taught us that dogs cannot recognize us if we were wearing helmets. Bad vision, me thinks. M has this nasty habit of donning my Predator mask (for deco only!) and causing my dog to go berserk.

So I wore my helmet, grabbed a  broomstick and hit it against a pillar. We have 2 rotts. One male, one female. The female started barking like crazy, saliva flying. While the male looked at M for cue on what to do. He didn't bark, he was silent. You know that cocking of the head that dog sometimes do. Then he snapped at the female, as in lunged at her as if saying, "shaddap biatch, I'm trying to think whether this is a test!" and kept looking @ M for cues whether to bark/attack/shut the hell up.

Not once the male rott did this but several times. And the female dog did shut up. The male had the same look his father had when the breeder brought him out to display. That guy was massive (the dog, not the breeder) around 90kgs. We saw him from a distance. The breeder held up a ball and the dog just stared, focused. Now that's a trained and dangerous dog.

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun

How to lose weight

What worked for me (2kg down in 1 week)

1. Have an objective. For me, it is Nov winter camp. Wanting to feel great and look great.

2. Eat whatever I want during lunch. Steamed veg/soup for dinner

3. Don't drink the calories

4. For lunch, no extras or 2nd helpings

5. Reduce carbs (thats rice for me)

6. 10 minutes of sandbag everyday

7. Run with the dog.

8. Look @ self in mirror often. Nekkid. Often.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun

fess - post surgery

I had a pretty smooth recovery from FESS, where I even participated and won a karate tournament, something I had not accomplished in years. It was like a switch was turned on and I was lucid all the time.

Even after the brief hospitalization period, I was pain free (not on meds). Like I was a new person. No shoulder pains of any kind.

This lasted for 2 weeks (1 week on leave, 1 week work from home). When I returned to work, all the pains gradually started again. This led me to believe that my work is making me sick. Even my wrist pain is back.

After 2 follow up visits with the ENT that consisted of scab peeling sessions, doc advised me to use the saline spray more often to loosen the scab. When I started spraying more often, now I have pus and funny smell in my nose. Gross. I've scheduled an early visit with doc today. Hopefully it's nothing.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun

Doomsday prepper

You know zombies are a very popular genre in the media. For some reason people really just love zombie flicks. Maybe because if the zombie apocalypse comes, we would all morph into gun-toting, stylish zombie killers. In this new world, everything will be free-for-all and it is survival of the fittest.

if only all zombies looked like him

Why I would love the z apocalypse:

  • no more desk job
  • more exciting life
  • no more financial obligations
I am a fan of Matheson's work, I am legend where he fortified his house against the undead/vampires. 

How I would prepare for the z apocalypse:
  • no glass doors, if I must use glass, there is always a metal grill to strengthen it
  • stock up on food
  • malaysia don't allow guns so I collect blades and samurai swords
  • buy solar chargers for my applicances. I still want to play Plants vs Zombies on my ipad
  • be self sufficient - grow my own plants, rear my own poultry
  • r&d on water purifying tech
How my everyday would be like in z apocalypse, assuming i survived (fat people are first to die, due to lack of cardio fitness)

1. Wake up at 8 or 9am
2. Breakfast (cook some eggs over a fire stove, slaughter any livestock, clean gut and 
3. Daily 15 min exercise (I'm lazy I know)
4. 11 - 3pm Routine check of structure, maintenance if necessary  or go scavenging if low on supplies
5. 3-6pm target practise with zombies
6. nights - project of the month eg: knitting, writing, sharpening knives etc

Monday, September 02, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun

What to do in a water crisis

What a way to spend independence day.
There was no water for 2 days due to pollution by a factory in Selayang.
At first I thought it was maintenance works happening in my housing area. But received an sms stating that there will be water disruption in almost all areas in KL and Selangor.

So that sucks. The weekend is supposed to be family day and I cook at home but now without water I can't even:

  • wash my clothes 
  • cook (dirty dishes)
  • feed the pets (i have 3 mouths to feed, thankfully the 2 cats are like me, they don't drink much water)
  • make coffee or green tea
  • flush pee and poo
  • bathe
Luckily I still have the water in my tank. But I had to be mindful everytime I turned on the tap. I shudder to think if I really ran out of water. SYABAS said there were water tanks but I don't see them at all. I even went to AEON BIG to purchase drinking water and all the big cases were sold out. This is madness.

So I had to resort to:
  • collecting rain water for my dog's drinking water and toilet (I only have 2 meager pails at home)
  • bathing only once
  • using wet wipes for my face
I can't even live without water. How to be doomsday prepper like that?

I also have this quirk where I do not drink Reverse Osmosis water. Don't you think they taste funny? Boiled water from tap is fine though.

Sunday, September 01, 2013
Posted by hungheykwun

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