Maximizing your gym time

Many people complain that they don't have time to go to the gym. Me neither. My schedule is such that most of my time is taken up by karate, and the partner.

So I've been using my lunchtime for gym sessions for over 3 months now. The time is pretty much limited so I make the most of it. It also helps if your workplace is understanding & flexi and allows you to take 1.5 hour lunch breaks (of which you must compensate by working an extra half hour or more, naturally)

So here's my routine:

1230pm - gauge how much work I have left to do. I always try to finish up what I can so that my mind is not encumbered by work. This is a huge factor to determine if I'm going to the gym that day. Believe it or not, mind stress is more exhausting and actual muscle pains and aches.

12:45pm - politely decline colleagues' invitation for lunch. (note to self to have lunch with them at least once a week to catch up on gossip)

1pm - pack my gym bag (towel, Tshirt, stretch pants) I'm always in my sports shoes so that's no problem.

1:10pm - change to my workout gear
Unless I have injury, it's 20 min of treadmill or biking (if I have injury)
4 weight machines
Steam bath (this is important to me to destress and empty my mind), personally I prefer sauna but Paradigm Mall FF only has steam bath
Quick bath (I start with scalding hot -> medium -> icy cold) to kick start my metabolism to heat up my body

2pm - change back to work clothes
Quick takeaway of food (usually Shih Lin ricebox or tuna rice that I brought from home). No I do not want to hear your thoughts on the negative effects of carbo, my gastritis demands that I fill my stomach. And I'm not going to the gym to slim down.

I do wish I had the time to attend some of the classes offered by FF especially yoga but time simply does not permit. I compensate by doing yoga at home on non-gym and non-karate days.

Sleeping too much

I am using SleepTime app and Samsung built-in app that automatically track my sleeping habits. I used to use a fitness tracker but both broke (boo jawbone, boo garmin!)

When I was studying, one of my goals was to have a 24 hour sleep marathon. I only managed 12 hour. Come to think of it, we spent 1/3 of our lives sleeping. So if we only have an average of 50 odd years of conscious time.

I don't have trouble getting up if I have to wake up at 5am or at the crack of dawn when I have things to do or appts to keep. It is only daily routines that I tend to slack off.

It seems I'm getting an average 9 to 10 hour sleep which is more than normal. I guess I just like sleeping or lazing around in bed? To be honest, my sleeping habits are quite unhealthy with me waking up at 8.30am every morning and dilly dallying on the bed until it's almost 930am. This also might be a contributing factor to my weight gain.

The trending thing for self help junkies at the moment is to wake up early. Therefore I'm going to try these few tricks to see if I can improve my waking times.

1. Resolve to wake up at 8 am and work backwards.
2. Sleep before midnight
3. No coffee after 9pmp
4. Use SleepTime
5. Open your curtain windows (sounds like a good idea)
6. Have a ritual (mine's this)

Pee -> Feed the cat -> Boil hot water make coffee -> Read a book / Make breakfast/office lunch -> Brush teeth, bathe -> Pick up dog poo -> Goto work


So I used Uber for the 2nd time since its inception.

The only time I'm without transport are times when I send the vehicles for service. Normally I do this on weekends so the partner can fetch me to pick the car up when I'm done. If he's not free, I usually take a cab and walk. I've walked 40 min from Subang Parade back home and also 1 hour from Kelana Jaya LRT to the office. Note to self; short travel time in car does not equal short walking time by foot!

Anyways, Kee suggested I use Uber, so I did. The first driver got lost on HER way (faith in feminity lost!) so I requested another driver. All in all I waited about 10 min for the cab to arrive. Guy was a retired Malay man. Car was very new and he was very chatty.The one thing Uber trumps normal cabs are I don't have to fear hailing a cab only to be declined due to jam or too short a distance.

Short ride from Glenmarie back to Subang cost me RM6.30. No need to fumble for change, charged directly to credit card.

Briefly contemplated driving for Uber during my spare time for spare change. Quick asking around and I found out on a good day you can earn RM200 for 4 hours. Of course that's just gross, Uber takes 20% and there's overhead to account for as well.

Auntie Anne's almond cream cheese stix

They look nothing like the picture and tasted like rubber bubble gum
Gave me bad indigestion and almost puked during my karate training

Stars: 0/5

Things to do on a 3 holiday weekend

With a long holiday coming up, I like to plan in advance so that at the end of the holiday, I don't cramp activities in and feel guilty that I lazed away the time.

Some plans of what I may do, in no particular order:

1. Detox - expect the trots when you drink detox tea. Best time to do so as you have the loo nearby.

2. Clean house - Do some spring cleaning, even some minor clearing up does wonders to your sense of accomplishment. Paint/remodel the house if it suits you

3. Goto gym - Make use of that Fitness First member bring guest option. Have a good sweat, fill up on the free drinks and feel grateful you don't have to do this every week. Be careful though, gyms close early during public holidays

4. Go fishing/short holiday with friends. Reconnect with nature

5. Start a mini project/hobby - that's paracording for me

6. Spend more time with family/pets

7. Play a computer game

8. Catch up on writing

9. Sit & people watch in a cafe

10. Watch a movie, just loiter around

What about you? What are your plans for long holidays?

The company you keep

Who you surround yourself with says a lot about your character. People with ego & insecurity problems like to be in the company of lesser people in order to always feel superior. They relish in the praises and expressions of awe that are bestowed by less capable people who are easily impressed.

Now, I do not have many friends. Only a select close ones. I am guilty of being an extremist. There are no greys in my life. Things are either black or white. Right or wrong. It is serious because my perception of right might not actually be right.

When someone behaves in a 'wrong' manner, I am irritated to no end. I give 3 chances for the person to change before cutting them out of my life. Life is too short to be spent with low quality people.

Traits that irk me to no end:

  • childish behavior, adults throwing tantrums/shouting in public
  • blamers who blame everyone but themselves
  • blamers who blame no one but themselves
  • people who agree to my face but still refuse to do what they are supposed to do. Same family with those who smile to my face and stab me behind my back
  • Non detailed peopled 
  • Lazy people who give excuses for not doing things
Come to think of it, this list is quite short. However, the problem is these people are like this saying:
Dead people don't know they are dead. Same for stupid people

There's just one way to deal with such people. Walk out. Your life will be much better without them.

My daily routine

Routines are good because you save your brain power from deciding trivial things like:

  • what/where to eat
  • what to wear
  • where to go
That is why giants like the late Steve Jobs always wore the same clothes and had the same routine. It frees up your mental space for greater things.

We are all creatures of habit and having a routine grounds you when things happen when you expect them to happen.

So here's my weekday routine

Mon, Tues, Thurs - healthy day.
wake up and cook rice/rosti+onion+mushroom
work until 1pm
quick gym and meditate in steam room
Night time - TV drama binge or any projects I have ongoing
Tues nights - sweep/mop house

Wednes - breakfast outside
No spicy food today
Night time - karate training

Fri - relax & ME day
have lunch alone and simply bask in my own company
Night time - TV drama binge or any projects I have ongoing

morning - sweep/mop house
- cook lunch
-gym/video games/read/bathe the pets
noon - whatever project dear has for me at the moment
night - relax/read

teach morning karate class
noon - rest/read
evening - evening karate class
night - relax/read

I devote 15 min every morning to read self help book from my reading list
Night time reading is optional based on my schedule.
If I had to do a chart of my activities, this is what it would look like

Bloody hell, I sleep too much.