Doomsday prepper

You know zombies are a very popular genre in the media. For some reason people really just love zombie flicks. Maybe because if the zombie apocalypse comes, we would all morph into gun-toting, stylish zombie killers. In this new world, everything will be free-for-all and it is survival of the fittest.

if only all zombies looked like him

Why I would love the z apocalypse:

  • no more desk job
  • more exciting life
  • no more financial obligations
I am a fan of Matheson's work, I am legend where he fortified his house against the undead/vampires. 

How I would prepare for the z apocalypse:
  • no glass doors, if I must use glass, there is always a metal grill to strengthen it
  • stock up on food
  • malaysia don't allow guns so I collect blades and samurai swords
  • buy solar chargers for my applicances. I still want to play Plants vs Zombies on my ipad
  • be self sufficient - grow my own plants, rear my own poultry
  • r&d on water purifying tech
How my everyday would be like in z apocalypse, assuming i survived (fat people are first to die, due to lack of cardio fitness)

1. Wake up at 8 or 9am
2. Breakfast (cook some eggs over a fire stove, slaughter any livestock, clean gut and 
3. Daily 15 min exercise (I'm lazy I know)
4. 11 - 3pm Routine check of structure, maintenance if necessary  or go scavenging if low on supplies
5. 3-6pm target practise with zombies
6. nights - project of the month eg: knitting, writing, sharpening knives etc

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