fess - post surgery

I had a pretty smooth recovery from FESS, where I even participated and won a karate tournament, something I had not accomplished in years. It was like a switch was turned on and I was lucid all the time.

Even after the brief hospitalization period, I was pain free (not on meds). Like I was a new person. No shoulder pains of any kind.

This lasted for 2 weeks (1 week on leave, 1 week work from home). When I returned to work, all the pains gradually started again. This led me to believe that my work is making me sick. Even my wrist pain is back.

After 2 follow up visits with the ENT that consisted of scab peeling sessions, doc advised me to use the saline spray more often to loosen the scab. When I started spraying more often, now I have pus and funny smell in my nose. Gross. I've scheduled an early visit with doc today. Hopefully it's nothing.

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