What to do in a water crisis

What a way to spend independence day.
There was no water for 2 days due to pollution by a factory in Selayang.
At first I thought it was maintenance works happening in my housing area. But received an sms stating that there will be water disruption in almost all areas in KL and Selangor.

So that sucks. The weekend is supposed to be family day and I cook at home but now without water I can't even:

  • wash my clothes 
  • cook (dirty dishes)
  • feed the pets (i have 3 mouths to feed, thankfully the 2 cats are like me, they don't drink much water)
  • make coffee or green tea
  • flush pee and poo
  • bathe
Luckily I still have the water in my tank. But I had to be mindful everytime I turned on the tap. I shudder to think if I really ran out of water. SYABAS said there were water tanks but I don't see them at all. I even went to AEON BIG to purchase drinking water and all the big cases were sold out. This is madness.

So I had to resort to:
  • collecting rain water for my dog's drinking water and toilet (I only have 2 meager pails at home)
  • bathing only once
  • using wet wipes for my face
I can't even live without water. How to be doomsday prepper like that?

I also have this quirk where I do not drink Reverse Osmosis water. Don't you think they taste funny? Boiled water from tap is fine though.

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