contact lens stuck in eye

Don't you just hate the feeling, you know its up there, your eye is bloodshot, and you can't get the lens out. That's what happened to me today. And here's what I did.

1. Don't panic
2. Don't rub your eye
3. Wear your glasses. Business as usual, wait for your eye to stop watering. When you feel the lens against your lid (sometimes it smoothes itself out on the lid), continue.
4. Rub the eyelid (from outside!) gently
5. Pull the flap of your eyelid outward slightly
6. Roll your eyeball up down left right (yes, it's like playing video games)
7. If nothing happens, repeat step 3.

Mine actually broke into pieces inside my eye. Here's some steps to avoid this in the future.

1. Don't buy cheapo lens (china-made are a no no)
2. Cut the nails of your thumb and index finger (you want to be pretty or blind?)
3. There are many types of lenses. Some are thinner than others, avoid those (the brand giving me problems is Focus Dailies)
4. Don't wear lenses when you are still half asleep

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