new pc coming

yesterday my withdrawal symptoms were so bad, i watched the silly eric tsang super show & raymond. dear god.....

bad news is the tablet is a goner (stylus not working) so i will probably be letting it go at rm1.3k for anyone interested to have a cool looking tablet pc?

my new rig until i choose to modify it
  • amd athlon 3000+ equiv to 1.8ghz (so slowww) at least its 64 bit though
  • 512 mb ram (so little)
  • 80gb sata hdd (yeah yeah, laugh at me)
  • some generic mobo
  • a cool transparent casing (acrylic mayb later)
wish list
  • acrylic casing lor
  • bling bling
  • graphic card
  • 19" tft screen
when i get it; im gonna
  • install tomb raider legends
  • finish my freelance
  • finish the letter & banner
  • revamp my other website
  • re-download charmed

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