bad dream

check out my desktop after applying this freeware. its a vista skin. installation was fast & it covers the taskbar, sound, gadget & start menu. to have the glass transparency, you need to have paid version of windowblinds. why install a new OS when you can have the same look with this freeware? download here

on another note, i dreamt i got fired from my job. the horrors of it. makes no sense as i've been delivering my tasks on time even while having one hand in a cast. nowadays, my rate is 1 aspx page per day.
mayb cos the company im in has a staff less than 10. thats why i felt insecure. even bought newspaper today to skim thru the jobs section.

well, usually when i have really good dreams, they dont come true, so fingers crossed that this one wont come true either.
time to save up for a rainy day.

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