what to do when yr pc-less, notebook-less, tablet-less

well congrats to myself, i damaged my compaq notebook, hp tablet & my desktop (gave to my aunt) which rendered me without a cpu starting yesterday.
list of damages:
1. compaq notebook
  • was struck by lightning. claimed RMA, replaced 5 parts
  • now the DVD cd-rw aint working and the OS refuses to boot
  • sent for RMA again
2. compaq tablet pc
  • was gonna do a trade, but the wifi wasnt working. so i re-installed windows
  • now the pen aint working, so i hunted for AAAA batteries
  • in the end gave up and sent to shop
still waiting for my bling bling pc. at the same time, i cant really live without a pc (yeah, no life) already suffering from withdrawal symptoms today. for the first time in 4 years, i had no access to PC after work. i occupied myself doing:
  • walked the dog
  • cooked dinner
  • mopped the floor
  • watched national tv (shudder~~)
  • read a book
when i looked at the clock, it was only 10pm. how did my pc make time fly? oh yeah....soap operas. i miss my charmed, grey's anatomy & csi.

mayb i shld get another celeron to curb my addiction. it only costs rm500 and crawls at snail's pace.

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