on training

well, yesterday's training was tough or mayb i'm just getting too old for karate. we did:
  • front leg maegeri, 2xback leg maegeri (same leg), back leg maegeri
  • mw geri, ushiro mw geri, front leg mwgeri, ushiro mw geri (by the end of this, i was pretty dizzy)
  • maegeri, mae keage
  • conditioning
  • seienchin (im really bad at this at the leg stomping thing) & g/sai sho
by the first half hour, i was ready to faint. not sure if this was due to me being unfit or the fans being turned on (yeah yeah blame the fans). but i think it did play a part cos everytime i sweated, it cooled me off. i folded up my dogi sleeve for the first time, felt cool but then realised since i was wearing a t-shirt inside, it kinda portruded frm the short sleeve, making me look silly. note to self: wear sleeveless while training.

after class, discussed on friday demo. fetched the guys back, finally broke the ice with them. pretty nice fellows. hope to see them on saturday!

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