i spend 8 hours plopped in front of the pc at work and when i get home, i spend a minimum of 2 hours freelancing also plopped in front of the pc. my money-churning assets are my eyes and fingers (i can make do with the other limbs, touch wood!). hmmm mayb i shld get them insured. anyway, 8 hours of solid programming can fry my brain cells, so every ten minutes, i'd log onto a forum and read. now, some ppl frown upon forum browsing and posting. they say its a waste of time. i beg to differ. i've been a frequent reader of for the past year and i've learned a lot from the forum. to date, there are 80k registered members and at one time there's always more than 1k reader online.

things u can do on a forum (depending on niche)
  • chat
  • talk kok
  • buy/sell things (be wary and go thru the black list first)
  • news & politics (this is even more update than online media), i got to know of spiderman climbing twin towers along with live update of pictures as he went up every level. another incident: the explosion in shah alam that wasnt reported in the news was the HAWT topic on forums, complete with video and sound of the explosions
  • update yourself technologically (i didnt know abt pc modding and xtreme rams until i read abt them in forums)
  • ask/give advice/opinion
  • latest movie review minus the biasness and hype
my forum experiences
  • exposed frauds
  • ppl have challenged me for fights (nvm that im a girl and had a broken arm)
  • got support when broke up
  • got my bling bling PC assembled
  • solved technical glitches
  • sold my paypal
so, even more than static websites and blogs, forum are updated in real-time by a lot of ppl. once u filter out all the junk and jokes and lame posts, u'd find a vast information portal at your fingertips


Gallivanter said...

Not a big fan of forums, simply because of the process of filtering through messages. :-P

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter - waaa...u read my blog everyday ah....hehe no one comes here..filtering thru messages..same like watching ads in tv lor...just zone out..zzzz

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