XTion Paintball

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Went for company paintball event @ bkt jalil. was limping badly due to kk training earlier.couldnt straighten leg. rained, caused game to be delayed. won 2 out of 3 games.

1st game - base B. ran to the front, played defensive , shot quite a number of players til there were no more ppl @ the front. there was a moment when a guy looked at me, i looked at him. shot @ same time. haha, managed to dodge the bullet just barely. got shot in the leg, i dont think the 1st shot hit me.

2nd game - got asses whupped. got shot, the moment came out. touched base, went out, got shot again. took out a flag bearer but lost, didnt even have chance touch the bottes.

3rd game - base A. ran to side. shot flag bearer. we won.

all muddy, sweaty n sticky. there was a draw, and one team left as protest. where's their spirit of sportsmanship? we are after all, from the same mother company.

overall, had fun. waiting eagerly for badminton n bowling in july.

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