10 Commandments when taking the LRT (pics later)

1. Thou shalt not hang from the handholds with 2 hands like a monkey.

2. Thou shalt not let thine armpit to be smelt by others.

3. Thou shalt not reverse into a miniscule seat with thine’s butt.

4. Thou shalt move to the middle of the train when thou entereth, the middle of the train is going the same destination as the area nearest to the door.

5. Thou shalt not pretend to line up and then scuttle like a cockroach to the middle when the train arrives.

6. Thou shalt not faint on the LRT to prevent train jams.

7. Thou shalt not let the entire compartment listen to thine’s phone conversation.

8. Thou shalt not shove everyone out of the way when trying to exit on a busy station. The people are probably exiting the same station too.

9. Thou shalt not violate other’s personal space.

10. When it rains, thou shalt take the bus or cab.

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Izad said...

Hahaha nice post. This actually reminds me of my Top 10 LRT Users Sh*t List http://www.izadsyah.com/cp/2006/04/10/top-10-shit-list-of-lrt-users/

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