My journey into the biking world

A week ago, my aunt turned to me & asked, "Ei, where's yr bike?"

SHe was referring to the mountain bike I owned while in uni that I used to get around in my first year. I remembered cursing everytime riding that bike up the hilly grounds of UKM.

I looked around the porch where i parked my bike. It was stolen! Under my nose, i didnt even realize it!! holy crap! to think i went in and out the house, wondering to myself everyday why the porch looked so clean n empty. suspicion falls onto my gardener. after the dog went missing, i've been worried abt security in the house.

anyway, i got myself a new MTB. thought of buying those really good bikes but they cost RM1k and above. so expensive!! due to its light frame. so i chg my mind and went to tesco and bought a cheap bike. RM369 steel frame with fork suspension. spent the night wondering why the chain wasnt turning when i pedaled. turns out it was stuck. re-adjusted the brake line & pads, installed the cowbars.

here's my cost:

bike RM369
bike pump RM14
gloves RM8
helmet RM100
bike shorts RM90
cowbars RM20
lights RM33
speedometer RM55

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and to my notebook cost (RM2399) this month, im damn broke....

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