Tips on chatting with a celebrity

i had the fortunate opportunity to have chatted with Mr PT last night. He's a malaysian celebrity (at least in my eyes), and i admire him for his views and strong standing. plus, he had cute eyes and a sexy voice. he was nice enough to be polite, altho i didnt have much to say (Oh my god, im talking to pt, oh my god). i must have seemed pathetic to him. so i compiled a list of things to say if you met / chatted with your idol one day.

what do you say when you meet a celebrity:
- I loved your .... (insert a compliment here)
- You were great in .....
- looking fwd to your ....
- when's your next ....

What NOT to say:
- Oh my god, you're .... (insert celebrity name here)
- wait til i tell my frens abt this
- can i get ... (ask a personal favour here)
- what are you doing here ? (its his/her business, not yours)

If the celebrity asks u something, answer him and then gently steer him back to matters concerning him. after all, he's the celebrity, not you.

Remember to thank him/her for his/her time in entertaining you. Be polite, dont impose and wish him a good day before leaving.

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