What to do when your Epson Printer does not detect cartridge

I hate my printer...I really do..
I print 2 A4 pictures and it complains that its out of ink. WTF? In case yr wondering, Im using an Epson Stylus C65 which I bought for RM199.
Now you cannot refill this printer as it comes in catridges with chips. 1 color goes for RM30++ and this is the price of ahem cartridges.
Now the problem is your branded Epson printer might not detect your ahem cartridges. So what do you do?Try these steps if face this problem.

1. Take out your old cartridge.
2. With your fingernail, pry out the chip at the bottom.
3. Pry out the chip from the new cartridge, cursing the ahem vendor as you do so.
4. The back of the chip has some glue-y stuff so all you have to do is align the OLD but working chip to the NEW catridge.
5. Snap it in place and install the NEW cartridge onto the printer.
6. Using the EPSON tool, do a nozzle check and head clean. It will charge your ink.

Of course there are other alternatives, the new ink server which looks like a blood transfusion where your ink can be refilled via syringes. Seriously considered getting an All in 1 printer (fax, scanner, copier, printer) for RM499 (so cheap hor) but was thinking, what the heck do i need those functions for.

My advice: get a CANON printer if you're a student to save on ink refills.

Step 1: This is the cartridge
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Step 2: Turn it over
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Step 3: Pry the chip out and insert into new cartridge
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