Petrol hike

"Subsidi kurang, pembangunan lebih" - u know, the billboard...with the rapidkl bus, lrt n taxi in the "UP" arrow picture.

has any1 paused to ponder? We still have to pay for the bus, lrt n taxi fare right? we stil have to sit in jams to drive to lrt station, proceed to pay car park (RM3 cheapest) fare, right? so even if it is pembangunan lebih (yahoo!), we stil have to PAY for those extra infrastructure that will be setup, if they get set up.

Let's see. They raise petrol by 30cents, guaranteeing prices of other things will not rise, promising harsh punishment on traders who raise their prices. so they bully small-time hawkers and are prompt on those cases. then why klcc cold storage raise fishball price from rm1->rm1.10, no one do anything? i loved those fishballs, i tell u!! roarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

and now they say peaceful protests are causing traffic congestions. good right? jams -> cars cant move -> consume more petrol -> 30 cents up -> use it to pembangunan lebih (bad grammar intended) -> more buses, lrt, taxis -> jams

its a cycle, i tell u. angry already, i cycle to work.

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