I hate queues. Period. I hate it when i have to stand in line ,tapping my foot impatiently as the line shuffles slowly forward. There is nothing to see, no one to talk to, nothing to do but just stand there while some govt employee slowly stamps your form & shuffles papers. In this new age, most things have been computerized or automated well enough that the payee does not have to be present for the process to happen. ATMs & most bank transactions have been automated (thank god!), bill payments, phone reloading etc. But what I can't stand are queues in these places:
  • on the road (read jams)
  • hypermarkets
  • toll (yeah, even if your a touch n go or smarttag user, the cash drivers block yr path, lifes a bitch)
  • amusement park rides
  • post office (yeap, still gotta queue for driver's license renewal, & your poslaju & express post)
  • application for new service (like phone line)
  • gas stations (i once had this motorbike cut into my lane and the rider got off and gave me a challenging look as if to say, so whatcha gonna do abt it)

what makes queues even more horrible? QUEUE jumpers & certain ppl who stand too close. havent they heard of personal space? they have this weird notion, perhaps, that by standing closer, they can hurry me along my path, practically breathing down my neck...normally i'd purposely back up & hit them, most of the time in the nose & give an insincere oops.

Malaysians are such a rude lot

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