Maybe I'm just in a bad mood but I truly detest motorists. WHen I say motorists, I mean young, naive, i-just-got-my-license-so-im-practically-invincible motorcycle riders who think they own the road.

I am pretty tolerant of motorcyclists as I was one for 2 years while i was in varsity. Also I dont mind motorcyclists or even car drivers who putt away at 40km/h on a freeway as long as your not in the emergency or fast lane. What I cannot stand & what really pisses me off is this:
  • motorists weaving in and out of traffic & when they hit a static car in a traffic jam and fall down and cause another massive jam (haha! i have no pity for you)
  • motorists (they dont have to pay toll) but they take up half the highway. stick to your lane, for gods' sake! hell, when i was a motorist, i stuck to my teeny, pot-hole filled motorcycle lane
  • irritating, modified exhaust pipes (sounds like a fly permanently stuck in my ear)
  • motorists crowding under a flyover during the rain. yeah, i know its raining, your getting wet but must they take up half the freeway? do u think i can see you standing in your BLACK raincoat in the middle of the night?
  • men motorists who have the need to open their crotch WAaaaaaAAAaaY wide or those who dont rest their toes where their supposed to
  • motorists who think they are so skinny they can squeeze between two cars and bend your side mirror outta shape
  • motorists who think that traffic rules dont apply to them. how? they go up pedestrians, they make illegal u-turns at roundabouts
  • and this what happeneed this morning. Ambulance rushes past in emergency lane. Normally kiasu drivers would tail it as it was rush hour, about a dozen bikes were tailing the ambulance. Call me sadistic but i was thinking as Malaysia cars always used the ER lane, that ambulance has gotta make an emergency brake sooner or later when a car blocks it. And i can imagine it screeching to a halt with the motorists close behind, who would splat onto backdoor of the ambulance, hence adding to the emergency patient count that that vehicle was rushing to the hospital. heh heh. what can i say? serves them right.
  • and the list goes on and on

and dont get me started on the car drivers. this blog will never end then.

Malaysian drivers & motorists are rude on the road and that includes me.

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