A shitty weekend

let me tell u how my weekend was.

on sat, went to mta to fax invitation letter. damn hot cos air con is off. found out that someone forgot to book hotel for participant. atm has booked it for other event. will probably kena scolding again for not reminding that someone to book the hotel. scared to think what will happen when he come back on tues. went home around 4pm becos mta fax very difficult to use. and im not genius at faxing. on way home, saw accident that was so bad, 2 fire trucks were needed. took alt route, went to mines to buy printer. ended up watching movie with friend (robots). very damn funny. laughed til forgot that im abt to kena scolding on tues. went home. bought tons of dvd. wanted to watch one jacky chan one. lay down to watch. when i laid down, i dislocated my knee. holy shit. u got it. i DISLOCATED my knee. there was a crack then i cant move my leg anymore. it had to stay in that position. couldnt straighten , couldnt put it on its side. looked around helplessly. room door was locked. phone was on table. i was on ground. half naked. damn. so i laid myself down slowly and watched the movie anyhow, hoping that i could move my leg after that. couldnt even stand up on one foot cos leg would be dangling & any movement in any direction is like being shot in the chest. but couldnt lie on ground forever. halfway during the movie, got tired of stupid knee. sat up, bit down on a pillow & straigtened it forcefully. its like pulling on a very tight rubber band. heard another crack & i could move my leg again, the pain, i tell u, its excruciating. cold sweat, a lot of curses. but i didnt cry.

today knee stil sore, limping. have to crawl up and downstairs like old lady, but at least im mobile again.

now my lower leg bone can move forwards and sideways from knee down. this is the REWARD i get for loving tkd so much.

sunday, spent whole day doing assignment for tkd junior, then went for tkd annual dinner at mines. master M has a very sexy girlfriend. and he stil holds her hand. awwwww.......

ahh..also....that insect bite has gotten infected so bad that its oozing pus. gross eh? all that frm something as small as a sand fly. i'll have to bandage it soon.

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