A long time ago in a school far far away...a science teacher named Mr Cheah asked for volunteers to bring some live fish for an experiment. Lex who was 16 at the time, raised her hand in earnest as she stayed near the pet shop and would love for an opportunity to visit.
As the day passed, this errand slipped past her mind because there were no smartphone todo lists.

The next day, when Mr Cheah asked for his fish, Lex discovered to her horror that she had genuinely forgotten to bring them. Luckily another friend, Maggie, remembered and had plenty of fish to spare. When class was over, Mr Cheah asked if anybody would like to take home the extra fish. Without a thought, Lex raised her hand again.

Mr Cheah took Lex aside outside the lab and chastised her sternly for being SELFISH.
"Not only you had forgotten your responsibility, you wanted your share of something you had forgotten in the first place. You are SELFISH"

Lex was shocked at the realization that what he said was true. It was the first time a teacher had really reprimanded her. From that day onwards, she vowed she would never be selfish again, always contribute when no one would and NEVER forget her promises.

Mr Cheah may have forgotten that he had once scolded Lex for something petty as fish, but Lex never did and her life principles is based upon this lesson imparted by a gangly science teacher on an afternoon back in 94.

Thank you Mr Cheah.

*another incident also  happened in that science lab

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