Maximizing your gym time

Many people complain that they don't have time to go to the gym. Me neither. My schedule is such that most of my time is taken up by karate, and the partner.

So I've been using my lunchtime for gym sessions for over 3 months now. The time is pretty much limited so I make the most of it. It also helps if your workplace is understanding & flexi and allows you to take 1.5 hour lunch breaks (of which you must compensate by working an extra half hour or more, naturally)

So here's my routine:

1230pm - gauge how much work I have left to do. I always try to finish up what I can so that my mind is not encumbered by work. This is a huge factor to determine if I'm going to the gym that day. Believe it or not, mind stress is more exhausting and actual muscle pains and aches.

12:45pm - politely decline colleagues' invitation for lunch. (note to self to have lunch with them at least once a week to catch up on gossip)

1pm - pack my gym bag (towel, Tshirt, stretch pants) I'm always in my sports shoes so that's no problem.

1:10pm - change to my workout gear
Unless I have injury, it's 20 min of treadmill or biking (if I have injury)
4 weight machines
Steam bath (this is important to me to destress and empty my mind), personally I prefer sauna but Paradigm Mall FF only has steam bath
Quick bath (I start with scalding hot -> medium -> icy cold) to kick start my metabolism to heat up my body

2pm - change back to work clothes
Quick takeaway of food (usually Shih Lin ricebox or tuna rice that I brought from home). No I do not want to hear your thoughts on the negative effects of carbo, my gastritis demands that I fill my stomach. And I'm not going to the gym to slim down.

I do wish I had the time to attend some of the classes offered by FF especially yoga but time simply does not permit. I compensate by doing yoga at home on non-gym and non-karate days.

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