More gym quirks

1. Gym wannababes
You read that right. Not wannabes, but wannababes. Babes who are already fit and thin, can eat 5 Jogoya buffets without gaining a pound, sporting sporty wear, hanging out where the muscly guys are. They don't do a single workout but are just basically chatting away, laughing at their jokes and ooh-ing and aah-ing as the men grunt while bench pressing.

My colleague, L, chided me and said gym are a place to socialize. Silly me, and here I was thinking gyms was a place you worked out.

2. Timewasters2
So this happened yesterday on Boxing Day. M and I were at the gym. And this lady picked the treadmill beside him. And fiddled with her earbuds, then tapped on her smartphone. When I was done running 20 minutes later, she was still on the stationary treadmill, looking at her phone. I think she was under the notion that fitness can be absorbed via osmosis. The next time I glanced her direction, she had switched treadmills next to another person who was actually jogging/running. And she was still fiddling with the phone!

Only 2 gym quirks? I'm disappointed with myself.

Watch the video below. Don't you just love the gym?

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