More gym quirks

1. Gym wannababes
You read that right. Not wannabes, but wannababes. Babes who are already fit and thin, can eat 5 Jogoya buffets without gaining a pound, sporting sporty wear, hanging out where the muscly guys are. They don't do a single workout but are just basically chatting away, laughing at their jokes and ooh-ing and aah-ing as the men grunt while bench pressing.

My colleague, L, chided me and said gym are a place to socialize. Silly me, and here I was thinking gyms was a place you worked out.

2. Timewasters2
So this happened yesterday on Boxing Day. M and I were at the gym. And this lady picked the treadmill beside him. And fiddled with her earbuds, then tapped on her smartphone. When I was done running 20 minutes later, she was still on the stationary treadmill, looking at her phone. I think she was under the notion that fitness can be absorbed via osmosis. The next time I glanced her direction, she had switched treadmills next to another person who was actually jogging/running. And she was still fiddling with the phone!

Only 2 gym quirks? I'm disappointed with myself.

Watch the video below. Don't you just love the gym?

3. Miss I-came-to-the-gym-but-lazy-to-exercise-so-I-stretch-in-steam-room

I choose my gym hours at its least peak, that's during lunch hour when people are busy stuffing themselves. During this tenure, I had the steam room 100% to myself. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when a petite towel-clad girl came in while I was utilizing the steam room. To be fair, she looked as surprised as I was. To add to my surprise, she didn't sit on the marble slab but proceeded to do leg lunges with one hand holding her towel secure. WTF... the steam room was compact, add to the fact that it was wet and slippery. I prepared myself to give her a standing ovation if she slipped and fell. But she did not. Aw.......

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