Sleeping too much

I am using SleepTime app and Samsung built-in app that automatically track my sleeping habits. I used to use a fitness tracker but both broke (boo jawbone, boo garmin!)

When I was studying, one of my goals was to have a 24 hour sleep marathon. I only managed 12 hour. Come to think of it, we spent 1/3 of our lives sleeping. So if we only have an average of 50 odd years of conscious time.

I don't have trouble getting up if I have to wake up at 5am or at the crack of dawn when I have things to do or appts to keep. It is only daily routines that I tend to slack off.

It seems I'm getting an average 9 to 10 hour sleep which is more than normal. I guess I just like sleeping or lazing around in bed? To be honest, my sleeping habits are quite unhealthy with me waking up at 8.30am every morning and dilly dallying on the bed until it's almost 930am. This also might be a contributing factor to my weight gain.

The trending thing for self help junkies at the moment is to wake up early. Therefore I'm going to try these few tricks to see if I can improve my waking times.

1. Resolve to wake up at 8 am and work backwards.
2. Sleep before midnight
3. No coffee after 9pmp
4. Use SleepTime
5. Open your curtain windows (sounds like a good idea)
6. Have a ritual (mine's this)

Pee -> Feed the cat -> Boil hot water make coffee -> Read a book / Make breakfast/office lunch -> Brush teeth, bathe -> Pick up dog poo -> Goto work

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