So I used Uber for the 2nd time since its inception.

The only time I'm without transport are times when I send the vehicles for service. Normally I do this on weekends so the partner can fetch me to pick the car up when I'm done. If he's not free, I usually take a cab and walk. I've walked 40 min from Subang Parade back home and also 1 hour from Kelana Jaya LRT to the office. Note to self; short travel time in car does not equal short walking time by foot!

Anyways, Kee suggested I use Uber, so I did. The first driver got lost on HER way (faith in feminity lost!) so I requested another driver. All in all I waited about 10 min for the cab to arrive. Guy was a retired Malay man. Car was very new and he was very chatty.The one thing Uber trumps normal cabs are I don't have to fear hailing a cab only to be declined due to jam or too short a distance.

Short ride from Glenmarie back to Subang cost me RM6.30. No need to fumble for change, charged directly to credit card.

Briefly contemplated driving for Uber during my spare time for spare change. Quick asking around and I found out on a good day you can earn RM200 for 4 hours. Of course that's just gross, Uber takes 20% and there's overhead to account for as well.

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