Relaxed state

I blogged about cutting grass as a way to destress and relax myself few years back. I find that listening to soothing music does not work that well for me. Recently with work being backlogged and stressful, I've discovered a new form of relaxation that worked for me.

Paracord bracelet weaving.

If you do not know what that means, have a look:
Inline image 4Inline image 6
I find that knotting things up and producing something remarkably destressing. All my problems are woven and knotted away and the end result is a tight, ordered bracelet that I can give to my friends.

When I concentrate on weaving, I feel I'm compartmentalizing my problems, and by the end of a 15 min session even at the end of a day, I feel invigorated and refreshed.

Give paracord weaving a try, it does wonders for the soul.

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