Save your drowning phone

So I learned an important lesson. Water resistant phones do not include bringing them into steam rooms and sauna. The reason I do bring my phone inside is for the timer function in order not to overcook myself. And since the shower is my next step after sauna/steam, the phone follows me into the stall. There are no places to put the phone, and the phone basically takes a shower along with me.

As a result, a portion of the screen was no longer touch sensitive. Panic mode, as this phone is still being paid under installment and I could not afford another phone.

A quick search on Google yielded ways to solve this.

1. Do not turn on the phone.

2. Do not charge the phone

But all solutions had one thing in common. RICE

Since I cannot live without my phone and I was too lazy to swap out sim cards, this was what I did.

And I carried that around for half a day. Come nightfall, that dead area started functioning again.

Thank god. I'm buying a waterproof casing now.

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