My daily routine

Routines are good because you save your brain power from deciding trivial things like:

  • what/where to eat
  • what to wear
  • where to go
That is why giants like the late Steve Jobs always wore the same clothes and had the same routine. It frees up your mental space for greater things.

We are all creatures of habit and having a routine grounds you when things happen when you expect them to happen.

So here's my weekday routine

Mon, Tues, Thurs - healthy day.
wake up and cook rice/rosti+onion+mushroom
work until 1pm
quick gym and meditate in steam room
Night time - TV drama binge or any projects I have ongoing
Tues nights - sweep/mop house

Wednes - breakfast outside
No spicy food today
Night time - karate training

Fri - relax & ME day
have lunch alone and simply bask in my own company
Night time - TV drama binge or any projects I have ongoing

morning - sweep/mop house
- cook lunch
-gym/video games/read/bathe the pets
noon - whatever project dear has for me at the moment
night - relax/read

teach morning karate class
noon - rest/read
evening - evening karate class
night - relax/read

I devote 15 min every morning to read self help book from my reading list
Night time reading is optional based on my schedule.
If I had to do a chart of my activities, this is what it would look like

Bloody hell, I sleep too much.

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