The company you keep

Who you surround yourself with says a lot about your character. People with ego & insecurity problems like to be in the company of lesser people in order to always feel superior. They relish in the praises and expressions of awe that are bestowed by less capable people who are easily impressed.

Now, I do not have many friends. Only a select close ones. I am guilty of being an extremist. There are no greys in my life. Things are either black or white. Right or wrong. It is serious because my perception of right might not actually be right.

When someone behaves in a 'wrong' manner, I am irritated to no end. I give 3 chances for the person to change before cutting them out of my life. Life is too short to be spent with low quality people.

Traits that irk me to no end:

  • childish behavior, adults throwing tantrums/shouting in public
  • blamers who blame everyone but themselves
  • blamers who blame no one but themselves
  • people who agree to my face but still refuse to do what they are supposed to do. Same family with those who smile to my face and stab me behind my back
  • Non detailed peopled 
  • Lazy people who give excuses for not doing things
Come to think of it, this list is quite short. However, the problem is these people are like this saying:
Dead people don't know they are dead. Same for stupid people

There's just one way to deal with such people. Walk out. Your life will be much better without them.

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