Excerpts from 16 ways to destress your life

Get out there, do great stuff, and don’t worry too much about anyone who doesn’t like it.”

but he interpretation that you place on the event is always what causes the stress, not the event itself.

We don't deal with events the same way cos we attach different meanings to it

If you‟re prepared to accept that you are the perpetrator of your own stress levels– then you can take steps to lighten the load you place on yourself.

Eustress can help you perform more effectively by channeling your body‟s reserves where they are most needed.

If you want to feel crap about yourself and stressed in your life, hold as many grudges as you possibly can. None of them will hurt the person you think wronged you, but they will hurt you 

Question the importance of what stresses you out in the great scheme of things. Are you likely to lose yr job, all yr money and your house?

Will u forget this in a months time?

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