But I’m distracted. I’m multi-tasking every moment of the day, juggling my attention between two or three things at any given time. I’m ruining my ability to focus, to take each part of life as it comes and devote my full attention to it — to enjoy it with every part of me. I can’t eat without wanting to check my email. I can’t explore the world outside without bringing my connection along for every step of the way.
There’s something wrong with that. Really wrong.
- Do you ever hold conversations with people without ever looking at them (too busy texting, maybe)?
I'm quite sensitive about this actually. I make it a point, when I am face to face with a person, whatever sms, calls that are coming, I turn my phone face down. It's just plain rude (even if you excuse yourself) to cut the other party off just to pick up a call.

- Do you instinctively turn on the TV while you eat?
I need the background noise, I stay alone.

- Have you ever found yourself watching TV while playing with your laptop at the same time?
All the time. But nowadays when I'm doing serious work, I turn the audio down

- Do you check your inbox multiple times within the span of thirty minutes — not out of obsession, but maybe just out of boredom?
Not anymore

- Do you find yourself juggling incoming messages, texts, and IMs all at the same time?
IM is required at work.


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