Save money on drinks

If you are a water only drinker, skip this post.

I have a habit, when I'm in the mood, I'd buy a Coke, or a 100plus or ribena or tea.
It is a bad sugar habit and an expensive one at that.
Think about it. These drinks aren't cheap nowadays. They go for about RM2 onwards. That's RM60 per month, assuming I buy one bottle a day.
RM60 that can be spent on a nice xmas chicken (that's another post, yummmy)

Self discipline doesn't really help curb the habit. As I don't feel the RM2 daily pinch.
So what to do?

Look past the labeling and realize that these drinks are essentially:

ribena - I can make my own at home for virtually the cost of 1 concentrated bottle of ribena that can last me a year

green tea/ice lemon tea - think sachets, buy them by the boxful.

100 plus - water and a pinch of salt for flavor
So from now on, I make a bottle before I leave for work.

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