Neat Workspaces

What i will do

Regain control of your inbox. Throw away magazines and newspapers you have no intention of reading. Clean up your email.
  • ME: resolve to clean 2 pages of gmail per day
    throw away unread mags in my office table
  • Clean up your desk. Throw away stuff you haven’t used in months.
    ME:Every cup/food packet must be thrown before i leave for work the next morning
  • Find a relatively clean space to create.
    For me this would be my computer space. I used to have this small IKEA table which just fit my all in 1 pc but no space for anything else so i changed to this white colored one & used a bigger notebook instead of a huge 23" screen.
  • Limit your distractions. Turn off email, phone, and social media tools. Force yourself to focus on one thing at a time.
    I set them to vibrate

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