dyeing hair

don't you just hate superficial people who dye their hair weird colors
im ok if you stick with one color, to hide your grey hair etc, but heck if you choose sharply contrasting colors (eg: black and white, green and red, yellow and purple) and only dye one portion of your hair, then you sure as hell better be...
  • a rockstar
  • have dazzling looks so it will outshine yr poor taste
  • be filthy rich so ppl just think you're eccentric
  • be thin else you just look like an overweight chicken trying to be a pheasant
  • in the hair dressing industry
otherwise the only impression that you make is:
  • you're an aging aunty, must as well do the afro perm as well
  • you're balding and hoping your outrageous taste will hide the fact
  • omg is that a wig
  • you're trying to be gwailo but you're not
  • thinking your cool, but you're not

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