Why Tekken 2010 movie sucks review

  • no HWOARANG!!!
  • heihachi mishima is too thin
  • marshall law is too fat
  • jin kazama can't even pronounce his words properly, let alone act & he looks gay. he makes keanu reeves look like an oscar winner
  • hammer jack too thin and look nothing like hammer jack
  • kazuya don't look like kazuya at all
  • bad acting by many many actors
  • lousy techniques by many actors

the only average performance and people who look like they can fight is eddy gordo, that chick in white, yoshimitsu. everybody else is just going thru the motions.

from imdb:
A high-octane action movie about a young man who discovers he holds a great power and must battle a team of elite fighters who will stop at nothing in order to get it from him.

that is not very accurate, the fights actually team up and what great power? i've seen people in normal taekwondo / karate tournaments who fight better than him.

Tekken movie 2010 sucks. Even DOA and mortal kombat is better, don't waste your time on this crap movie

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Adino said...

Ahh.. I remember playing Tekken 3 many years ago. Usually movies based on video games will not be good. Example are Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros.

The only character I remember are the tiger character and Nina Williams.

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