Fotozoom staff is retarded

I went to Fotozoom SS2 to develop some pix. I saved my files in my MP3 player and brought along a miniUSB->USB convertor just incase they didnt have the cable.

Rtard:Can I help you miss?
Me :Wash pic. (hands mp3 player and cable to rtard)
Rtard:(looks at mp3 player stupidly) what's this?
Me :My photo inside.
Rtard:(proceeds to hold mp3 player) How you take picture with this?
Me :its a player to listen to songs la, not a camera (rolls eyes).
Rtard:I'm sorry we cannot cuci the pix for you. Later got virus. Now our system just reformat cos kena a lot of virus. You must put your files in thumb drive only we can cuci for you.
Me :This is recognized as thumb drive lar...
Rtard:You go back and put in thumb drive or burn CD then we cuci pix for you.
Me :Then? Thumb drive and CD won't kena virus? (*&$#(*&(#$&&#@)

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