VVIP number

I wrote awhile back abt VVIP numbers:


i have one too. sure they sound good, ez to remember, nice to recite but here's a constant irritant that's really pissing me off. in the middle of the night, i get sms like this:
  • adi, u mare kat i ke? jom gi wet world sabtu ni nak?
i would sms back with a curt: salah number and the sms would come back:
  • la, adi jgn la buat camni.
then i went, sapa nih?
  • wati.
the sender then proceeded to call me cos she was not convinced i was not ADI. bad enough that my phone went swimming last month, therefore i was unable to receive the call. so i called her back frm my land line. she said hello with a very timid tone. SALAH NOMBOR la SALAH NOMBOR tak faham ke?!!!

i get at least 1 wrong number a day. today was an aunty but she had the courtesy to be polite.

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