A million bucks

A lot of blogs are writing about this. If I had a million bucks... then they'd go on to list what they'd do with the money. Some would put - i'd give to my parents, open a shop, buy this , buy that...thats so conventional. i opened a page in the star last week and kids aged 8 wrote the same stuff. Isn't it sad that our mentality hasnt changed since we were 8?

Now if I had a million bucks, first thing i'd ask is....RM1 mil or USD 1 mil? hahahha
Here's my breakdown for RM1 mil since we're dreaming on anyways:
  • RM300k for a decent house in a decent area. must not be a condo, else my dog has no place to poo.. price includes furnishing (wouldnt it be nice to goto ikea and just point at the rooms you wanted and voila, your house looks like that now), renovations etc. u think RM300k is too much? thats only a dbl storey house in kinrara.
  • RM400k for another 2 houses for me to collect rent
  • that leaves 300k only wor how?
  • RM150k into FD or other funds (wa tak tau ini, so will get a financial planner)
  • RM50k+interest from the FD for my karate
  • RM100k for a business venture that I'm not revealing here..haha
There you go. Not even enough for me to buy any gadgets, donate to anyone...RM1 mil is peanuts

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