wa takut hantu

T : oi, come lets go watch "ALONE"
ME: i'm scared of ghost la, tak mau
T : cilaka, u taekwondo 3rd dan, karate 1st dan, wushu, kendo etc, u scare of ghosts?
ME: cannot meh? ghost transparent, cannot kick them...
T : (faints)

yes, im scared of ghosts. im not scared of criminals, thiefs, murderers, rapists, but i am terrified of ghosts. cos i stay alone ma..imagine if there's a thief in the house. i can disarm him, knock him out with my arsenal of weapons. but a ghost? i dunno how to read quran or bible or taoist spells, so how? furthermore, ghosts gross me out especially these types:
  • the JUON crawling down the stairs on all fours altho she can perfectly float or walk on 2 feet type
  • the type who dont comb their hair
  • the type who have huge eyeballs that havent sleep for like, a decade, hence the bloodshot eyes
  • the type who speak in a low pitch...or call your name and then disappear
  • the type who appear in the most unexpected places like under yr car steering, in yr bathroom or in your blanket with u
  • long tongue types
  • types with their heads fixed the wrong way
  • silent and blue children who just stare at u
  • any dismembered yet stil moving body parts (hair, hand, head etc)
  • those who have a body part missing (arm, leg, eyes, mouth) but buat dek only...
  • the kind that moves things around making u mang chang cos u cant find yr stuff
  • those who sit on yr shoulders or stand really close behind you.


joshua said...

Hey, i like your full description of the hantus..
Incidentally, i read your blog since i just wrote a few on hantu today too. See www.joshua3.com/blog

hungheykwun said...

joshua: u write on hantu also? i scare le...tonite dont dare to sleep already..

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