my amd

I have had Celerons, AMDS and finally dual core (Yeahoo). I'm selling this for RM600. any takers?
Spec as below (10 months warranty)

  • AMD64 athlon
  • 512 mb ddr2 ram
  • 80gb pata hdd
this was my backup set while my notebook was in the shop

browse here to contact me


Jasmine said...

RM200, then I will consider to take it. :)

hungheykwun said...

jasmine - thx for yr me where u can buy an almost new amd PC for rm200 and i'd like to buy 5

Gallivanter said...

Hmmm...I'm a big fan of AMD, but unfortunately, have betrayed them by buying a P4 3 months ago...I hope God forgives me...hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

interested so how to contact you?

hungheykwun said...

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter - yr p4 bising or not? i've noticed between p4 and amd, the p4 generates a lot of noice..mine sounds like a car engine beside me..

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