in february, i broke my arm. that totalled to a cost of rm1.4k (from casting to consultation and xrays). expensive eh? the only good thing that came out of it was i strengthened my usually very weak & puny left arm. when my right hand was in a cast, i had trouble:
  • buckling my pants, bra, shirt
  • lacing shoes
  • wiping my ass
  • driving a manual car
  • bathing the dog
  • opening & locking gates
  • teaching karate
  • writing
  • using computer mouse
  • signing credit card bills
  • opening a can
the learning process took a long time. there were some tears, a lot of complaints & patience on my dear's part. eventually, i mastered all these with my left hand so now apart frm writing, everything that my right hand can do, so can my left. one thing i noticed was, the hand that does more work, has shorter nails and is more muscular.

im slowly rebuilding strength in my right hand now, the bone healed crooked, so if u want straight bones, go for metal plating. i can do situps with both hands now but not for long durations. only 10.

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