i've breezed thru life, thinking that im a well-liked person. i try to be helpful and polite most of the time. as of late, i've realized that there are individuals out there who do not like me. here are the top 2:

1. I call her the 'BITCH' or MS BLACK FACE
Her claims & the reason she hates me:
* dengki
* im rendering her obselete
* says im arrogant

Her actions to show she dislikes me:
* puts bubble gum in my shoe
* puts staples in my shoe
* face automatically turns black when she sees me
* finds fault in everything i do and then complain whiningly to her superior

Wat she actually is:
* old maid
* insecure
* nothing better to do and harp on me

my retaliation:
* complain back to the superior and pray he believes me
* act as if she's not there
* aim for her face

2. I call him the pain in the ass
His claims & the reason he hates me:
* i contributed to work and stole his limelight
* he's the only person who can call the shots cos he was there first

His actions:
* send hate mail to me & cc to everyone
* does quality control when im stil working on the project (imagine im a mechanic fixing a broken car and he's the person who keeps trying to back it out the garage although its not fixed yet)

wat he actually is:
* cerewet like hell
* petty
* nerd with no life

my retaliation:
* email him back & the superior and cc everybody
* improve my own quality so he cant find fault in me
* start looking for his faults. bring it on!

wat i learned: you cant please everyone all the time. when you're starting to come up, there are bound to be envious ones who try to bring you down, fearing for their own positions. i pity them, the poor insecure souls.

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