My 1st Marathon

Title: KL Marathon 2006
Venue: Dataran Merdeka
Friend: CH

Picked up t shirt and number (M702) the day before. I'm joining the 7km fun run (dreading it cos can't even run 1.5km comfortably). Wanted to carbo load- ended up eating Bak kut teh. haha

D day - woke up at 5.30am (omg, the only time i get up this early was for tkd c/ships). picked up ch, drove to kl. difficulty finding parking place. ch took part in the 21 km, that wil start at 6.30am. 7km starting at 7am. found a spot, loitered around. seasoned runners dont wear the sponsored t-shirt (malu, malu), they are dressed in sleeveless and really short shorts (thing wong sifu..) emptied bladder in dbkl portable toilet.

called to starting line. race started. fuiyo, so many ppl. was at the near end, running slowly... taking my time. ran (jogged slowly) til hang tuah then had sudden urge to have diarrhoea. this stupid indian old man was going, "oi, ahmoi, larilah..." was thinking in heart, "shaddap old man, i wanna take a dump" seriously considering waiting for pickup bus to come pick up quitters and stragglers. after walking for few minutes, felt ok, resumed running.

some tips while i ran: i set mini checkpoints where i must run to that traffic light, that lamp post, that billboard before i can stop to walk. also minimized movement so could run faster. music on my w800 helped (the battery lasted the entire 1 hr run -> next day. sony ericsson = good..)

the marathon caused massive jam in kl on sunday. ran slowly and gave hau lian face to motorists who had to give way to runners. ran past hang tuah, sg wang, jamek.....

reached back at dataran at 8.30pm....was kinda disappointed (wah, so long meh?) cos took so long then found out in pics that i took that 7km run started at 7.30am, so it was only an hour. ok time, at least i finished it and didnt faint. hardly a blister or out of breath at all, cos i took it easy. drank 2 cups of milo, collected my cert and medal and waited for ch. she came back at9.30am.
the fastest time clocked for 42 km was 2 hrs 15 mts, i think. all the top spots were won by foreigners...ceh..

went to ch house, took a shower then went midvalley for lunch.

mayb considering the kedah run and pj run this year. its not about winning, its abt testing yr own endurance and mental strength. i had fun and there was no pressure

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