Dear & I are owners of some exotic pets. we have:
  • 2 hedgehogs
  • 2 sugar gliders
  • 2 cuckoos
  • 2 hamster
  • used to have a dog called angel
we were planning to breed the hedgies & suggies to sell them. i've even converted the back room into a mini zoo. now i've been trying to get the hedgies to breed since i got pickle(the female) after cny. suggies stil babies, cant breed yet.

pickle dont seem to like spike (the albino male), everytime i put them together, spike pees and shits (seems like a male thing to do) while pickle stays curled up. pickle escapes without fail everyday outta her box and everyday after work and in the morning, i would pick her up n throw her back in with spike, who proceeds to court her by making whiny noises.

one day i came back n as usual picked pickle up. saw this pink pile beside her and thought tiredly, ohman...is she shitting in pink now? turns out it was a pink baby! omg, pickle gave birth (exact sms to dear). dear sms back, "im damn tired." and i sms back,"omg, pickle gave birth" again.

now i was worried. i didnt even know pickle was pregnant so didnt prepare nesting box for her. and the baby was lying discarded beside her, naked and vulnerable, didnt know wat to do. hurriedly, made a makeshift nestbox in her box and dumped pickle in with baby then crossed fingers and prayed.

hunted for goats milk (rm25, hah) in cold storage, in case pickle rejects the baby. there was only one hoglet (usually there's 3-6) hopefully she didnt eat any of her young.

the next morning, peeked in. saw pickle on her side, nursing baby. awwww....so cute, at least she knew wat to do. over the days, baby grew stronger, even knew how to curl up to defend himself when i poked finger in. today he's 8 days old now. i think its a he, saw its tiny tiny biji....he's gonna be same color as his mommy. wil let him go in a month.

dear's been great, asking on hoglet's devt everyday, he's really concerned. i know he'd make a great dad. he even came to c them (not me, so bad dear!) when i was at work.

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