cigarette: dont smoke, dear dont like
good cry: every nite thinking of m
library book checked out: uni, some computer book
movie seen: fearless
book read: harry potter: half blood prince
cuss word uttered: shit, fu*ck
beverage drank: cappuccino
food consumed: burger king, crossan-wich..yum!
crush: m
phone call: vicky
tv show watched: Everybody loves raymond
time showered: 11pm
shoes worn: Petaling Street Nikes RM70
CD played: none
item bought: goats milk for hoglet
downloaded: powerpoint presentation abt freedom of speech
annoyance: msn logon and logoffs
disappointment: md not coming my place, m not replying my email
soda drank: aloevera + blackcurrant i bought frm vending machine
thing written: blog
key used:
word spoken: burp
IM: with wong
sexual fantasy: with m, tender one
weird encounter: saw this guy walking, wondering why he's walking with his eyes closed, on closer inspection, his eyes were open but they were lifeless n looked fake
ice cream eaten: snickers
time amused: reading blogs
time wanting to die: when m dont reply my mail
time in love: 2 yrs ago, walk on the beach with m
time hugged: last tues nite
time scolded: cant remember
time resentful: last wednes, of the fat bitch
chair sat in: The office one; still sitting.
chapstick used:
lipstick used:
underwear worn: black with white borders
shirt worn: ethnic sense guni bag
time dancing: in front of dance machine
poster looked at: resident evil
show attended:
webpage visited:


clothes: ethnic sense guni bag
mood: itchy
music: Final fantasy victory fanfare
taste: coffee
hair: itchy
annoyance: itchy
smell: nice
thing I should be doing: Working, being, after all, in an office
desktop picture: husky licking a cookie
refreshment: Water
worry: $$

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