Things to do on a 3 holiday weekend

With a long holiday coming up, I like to plan in advance so that at the end of the holiday, I don't cramp activities in and feel guilty that I lazed away the time.

Some plans of what I may do, in no particular order:

1. Detox - expect the trots when you drink detox tea. Best time to do so as you have the loo nearby.

2. Clean house - Do some spring cleaning, even some minor clearing up does wonders to your sense of accomplishment. Paint/remodel the house if it suits you

3. Goto gym - Make use of that Fitness First member bring guest option. Have a good sweat, fill up on the free drinks and feel grateful you don't have to do this every week. Be careful though, gyms close early during public holidays

4. Go fishing/short holiday with friends. Reconnect with nature

5. Start a mini project/hobby - that's paracording for me

6. Spend more time with family/pets

7. Play a computer game

8. Catch up on writing

9. Sit & people watch in a cafe

10. Watch a movie, just loiter around

What about you? What are your plans for long holidays?

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