Excerpt on "God Explained in a Taxi ride"

A young child asked his father if he could 
prove there is a God.
• ‘I can’t prove it,’ he said.
• ‘It’s like the wind. You can feel it, but you 
can’t see it.’

ME: Now  that's bullshit. You can prove something you can't see by studying its effects

We are God.
• We are made of the same matter that makes the 
• So when we pray, we also pray to ourselves.

agree with this

Speaking different languages leads to misunderstanding, which leads to 
animosity, which leads to fighting.
ME: don't agree. When you speak different language, keep silent. As you know you don't understand each other. It is when you attempt to speak the foreign language that misunderstandings happen.

Believing in God does not make you a 
religious person.
• It makes you a spiritual person.
• A religious person is quite different
I strive to be this

We have a new religion.
Supermarkets are the new cathedrals. 
Everyone has thoughts on what will happen when they die.
• Yet no one has ever come back to tell the tale.

ME: disagree. So many tales of tunnels of light and recollections of past lives.


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